Imagining Transition

A negotiated transition requires finding common ground between those who see their differences as irreconcilable. Unless the parts to Venezuela’s conflict learn to cooperate in addressing the country’s most pressing problems, negotiations are unlikely to yield a stable outcome. More than two years after Juan Guaidó’s decision to assume the powers of the presidency withContinue reading “Imagining Transition”

Sanctions Are Driving Iran and Venezuela Into Each Other’s Arms

Maximum pressure has not destroyed the Iranian economy, and Tehran is now sharing its lessons in resilience with Nicolás Maduro’s beleaguered regime in Caracas. With Esfandyar Batmanghelidj. Originally published in Foreign Policy

¿Qué puede aprender la oposición venezolana de Surinam?

La decisión de participar en una elección no se trata de asignar legitimidad, sino de elegir un terreno en el que se pueda disputar el poder a un régimen autoritario. Con Pilar Navarro, Economista Senior, EMFI Securities El presidente de un país del norte de América del Sur violó todas las reglas de la democracia.Continue reading “¿Qué puede aprender la oposición venezolana de Surinam?”

What Venezuela’s Opposition Can Learn from Suriname

The decision to participate in an election is not about assigning legitimacy, but about choosing a terrain in which to contest power from an authoritarian regime. With Pilar Navarro, Senior Economist, EMFI Securities. The president of a country on the northern coast of South America violated every rule of democracy. He shamelessly bought votes withContinue reading “What Venezuela’s Opposition Can Learn from Suriname”